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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday's Musings

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A little skiff of snow this evening at the cottage

Cottage Life

Living next to the water as we do, we have not gotten the accumulation of snow yet that many others in the area have. According to the weather report we are in for a quite a bit before it turns to rain on thursday, but We shall see. Weather reports as of late have been pretty hit and miss. The "Bearded One" and are are safely tucked in the cottage, snug, warm, and ready to ride out the storm. We bought plenty of groceries in preparation and the wrangler is at the top of the hill if we need to make a town run.

(Well I've missed my 12:00 posting deadline so it's now technically Tuesday)

Before and After Project 365

Today's project 365 is a little different then most. I wanted to record the essence of my day's activities with no frills. Just a journalistic snapshot if you will...



I thought it would be interesting to take a plain photograph that had a lot of different tonal values and color and demonstrate what a few simple filters in Adobe "light room" can do. You can get a free thirty day trial by clicking on the link.

IMG 0050

A row of books, taken this evening, low light.



Note the subtle color changes with each filter...



Easy to use and lots of options. Presets like these can turn ho hum photos into winners, add a little pizzaz to ordinary snapshots with just one click.

Low Carb Livin'

I made another batch of low carb peanut butter balls. This time used vanilla whey protein powder. Also mixed up a batch of Almond meal apple cinnamon muffins with flax. Amazingly simple and delicious. So much better than trying to add carb free baking mixes and cheaper too. A good size bag of almond meal at Trader Joe's is only about $4 and lasts a long time. Here at the cottage we are on two different eating schedules which can seem a little crazy but it works for us. The Bearded one is on a five to six meal a day deal with carbs and protein 4 out of the 6 meals and high protein meals towards the end of the day. Me, I'm eating low carb usually 3 meals, unless I am busy and then I will grab a protein muffin in between. We are two complete opposites. Hmmm. this looks familiar.


Okay so it might be a bit of an exaggeration...

Pause for thought

Just in case we get enough snow...

Until Next time...


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