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Monday, January 2, 2012

Making room for the new year Monday...


Apple still hanging on in LaGrande

Cottage living

Heading home tomorrow. I've had a great time here in the high dessert but I wouldn't want the "Bearded One" to realize how smooth things go when I'm not around. This afternoon the kid's first de-christmased the Union-Pacific Depot, and then their house. It was an amazing feat to witness. Within minutes a christmas wonderland was packed up and stowed away. It was a brilliant operation. All the normal pictures and doo-dads were stored in the christmas totes and then traded back out this afternoon.

IMG 0034 Edit

One of the many snow people decking the halls

Before and After project 365

Went to Riverside Park this afternoon in search of a picture or two. The wind was howling and the river was partially iced over. I wanted this photo to reflect the chill in the air.


IMG 0010 2


Cold river2

I cropped it a bit to eliminate some of the out of focus foliage and to highlight the falling water. I then added a boost layer with an additional "topaz" filter in photoshop.

Pause for thought

I absolutely love Wallace and Gromit... No better way to start off the new year.

Until next time...


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  1. Whooo, that looks chilly! I really like the apple photo, too - gorgeous!