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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Suddenly Sunday


We actually had some blue sky today here in the woods by the bay!

Cottage Living

I've been playing... All day. Designing art cards and printing, printing, and more printing. Loving the new laser printer. It's so nice to be able to hold in my hand the results of something I've been working on, rather than having to run down to kinkos hoping it looks like I'd imagined. I took some of the photos that I'd shot yesterday in the light tent and turned bits and pieces of them into "note cards"...


Then I took some parts of some old boat shots taken in the Astoria Maritime museum...

Museum boat 8 10

Needless to say I'm having way too much fun. Here's one of Pat's Hens up close and personal.



Before and After Project 365

I'm on a roll so I thought I would use Pat's sheep as the project...


The original picture I started with.



Up close and zeroing in on the main focus... put it on canvas. I used several  filter layers in photoshop to "paint" it. I really liked how it printed up. What fun. Oh I took the tags out of their ears, thought it looked a little better that way. I love their curly wool.


Low Carb Living

Well I was at it again. This morning I made a low-carb brownie with a chocolate Ganache layer on the top. Oh my!. It was real simple. I just mixed almond flour, heavy cream, bakers cocoa, vanilla, a little splenda, a couple of eggs, a pinch of salt, a dab (1/3 tsp) baking soda, and then threw some walnuts on top.

IMG 0007 2

Brownies in my little toaster oven cake pan before the Ganache

I didn't stop there. I made a ganache with cream, vanilla, cocoa, and splenda, nuked then stirred. Spread that on the top. Amazing!!! Not nasty fake food but really good dark chocolate goodness. And the best part... totally guilt free. just nuts, eggs, and chocolate. No flour, and no sugar.

Pause for thought...

Blatently stole this from an "Annie face book post" well worth passing along.

Until next time...


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