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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Slushy Snow Saturday...



Cottage Life

The first snow of the season came in the wee hours this morning. Not a whole lot, but as of this evening you can still see patches of white. It just never quite got warm enough today to melt it all. As luck would have it our power went off this morning and remained off until late afternoon. Hopefully not the foreshadow of things to come. We actually fare pretty well when the lights go out. We still have water hot and cold, and are able to cook on our propane cooktop. No electricity does mean however mean no heat, but the warmth will stay in for quite a while. If worse comes to worse we could go next door into the original cabin and have a fire in the old stone fireplace, or just climb under the feather comforter with a good book. We have two headlamps. One left over from my railroad days, thanks Union Pacific, and one, courtesy of our son-in-law. Thanks BNSF. So I guess we're set.

We celebrated grandson Carson's 4th Birthday today. Here he is playing with his new "laptop".


This will keep him occupied for a bit...

Here's the after cake shot... Photos of Carson courtesy of "Bearded One"


Carson apparently enjoyed his chocolate cake...

The Bearded One and I have run out of the usual ideas for birthday presents... we never know what the kid's alrady have. So this time we opted to give him a canvas "Bag O money "  I made a drawstring bag out of heavy cotton, then drew a large $ sign on the front and filled it full of change. What kid doesn't like money...


Bag "O" Money

Before and After

Totally out of the blue and no rhyme or reason I decided to dig this photo out of the archives and fiddle with it a little. This photo was taken of a downtown bistro's "roof rocket" I have no idea what the story is behind it. It was just there.


12canon 007

The original out of camera shot





I first cropped it to bring the focus more onto the rocket itself. I then played with the color adjustments, added a canvas texture, and a grungy border.



A little "retro"

And another version. I wanted to do it up in some 1950's turquoise and pinky tones. It's a rocket. I can be a little creative.

Healthy Choices

Birthday party... there was cake. Had a small piece. This section is beginning to irritate me...

Hmmm... Pause for Thought


Heading for Bellingham Tomorrow.

Until next time...


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