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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kickin' Back Sunday



The view this afternoon looking across the Bay at the beautiful Autumn colors

Cottage Life

A pleasant Sunday here at the cottage. Started off with chilly fog then a brief "Blueing" occurred. I love this time of year. Crunchy leaves, crisp air, and the seasonal "pumpkin butter available at Trader Joes.


Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter

I went searching for Fall inspiration and I came across Pinterest A bulletin board of sorts. This is an amazing place to find and share ideas. it's photo-centered. People pin and repin things and ideas that they like. I was only there a few moments and was hooked. These  are a few examples of how terrific the presentation is.






And check this idea out for a christmas card...


And I really needed this.... I love scarves but always end up flinging them around my neck...


What an inspirational site. Check it out.

Before and After

This shot was taken on my way back from taking today's weather photo. This is the view looking into the Original Cabin's window from our deck.


IMG 5821

Jars in the window


Here I've done this photo three different ways. Each one is a slight variation of the original.



A soft watercolor look without the texture



Bolder with pen and ink overlay




More of an old fashioned illustration with a slight sepia overlay to give it depth.


Healthy Choices

I did pretty well today. I was not out and about prowling for latte's and scones. We had grilled salmon, sweet potatoes, and broccoli for dinner. We will have baked apples with walnuts, and raisins, sweetened a little with splenda for dessert a little later. I had a glass of Trader Joe's finest Cab ($2.49 a bottle). I realize red wine is not traditionally served with fish but the red is better for me and this one is particularly easy on the palate.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

This is very funny.... recommended by the checker at Trader Joe's.


Until next time...


Taking off their shoes made the difference...




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