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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday and more of the same

11 29

This morning at our "Little Cottage by the Bay"


Cottage Living

Tuesday, and all is well in our neck of the woods. We were actually able to time the hot water so that we each got showers this morning. It wasn't so much timing really, it was a sudden realization that the water heater had kicked in while doing the dishes and dashing downstairs and opening up the shower spigot, letting the hot water run continuously, and taking turns.

I will be heading out to Rochester to take "Movember-Stache" pics this evening. I think we have a team of mustache growers itching to shave off their November facial hair contributions to support prostate cancer research. I don't know..they seem to have taken on a kind of "trailer park boys" look to me...


"Trailer Park Boys"

"Our Boys"...


Zach, Brent, and Karl

You make your mama's proud... now go shave!

Well that was a fun shoot. While I was there I couldn't help taking a picture of little Milo... here he is practicing his right jab. Like father, like son.



Well the evening is progressing swiftly so on to the

Before and After

I have been on a vintage postcard trend so I thought I'd show you a couple of things you can do with them. Here I've replaced the center scene of this old Christmas greeting with our own Cottage.

Postcardcottge christmas

This is a very cool Iris postcard circa 1901

Iris post card

I've bumped it up cleaned it up a bit, added some vintage style lettering and made it into a matte worthy piece of art...

Iris post cardframe


Here's a neat old one... lot's of handwriting. Love the old ink. But what if we want an unused version...


original vintage postcard

Here I've removed the handwriting... isn't technology amazing?



All cleaned up

Pause for Thought...

Amazing!!!! Norwegians can sing!!! We knew that. Bet you can't just listen once...

You may have to click the link twice... it will be worth it. If all else fails use this link...

Until next time...


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  1. Thank goodness for the AMAZING photo of Milo to make up for the one of our big boys! Their hearts are in the right place, though :-)