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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wassail Wednesday


Cottage Living

It's getting cold enough now that I will need to take down the fuchsia baskets and put them away for the winter. This has been a late year. Normally I would have taken them down a month ago. They are still sporting some beautiful blooms but I know once a real freeze happens that they will be toast after all it is December Eve. So putting late autumn behind me I will embrace the chillier season to come.

The Bearded One has just deposited the Christmas totes from the cherokee into our "foyer". They will be opened tomorrow and all the christmas goodness contained will spill out, one glimmering strand and bauble after another. This past week I somehow ended up in a "vintage motif" mode. It seems to be popping up in the things I am doing graphically, and the things that catch my eye, on line. I have decided to "go with that feeling" this Holiday season and so I will be decking my halls and the blog accordingly. There shall be mulled wine, with the smell of cloves and cinnamon, cedar boughs, holly sprigs, and an occasional Dicken's quote of course. Here's a little bit to wet your appetite. I'm thinking of asking the Bearded one to read this classic tale aloud to me on these cozy December evenings here at the cottage.


A Little Christmas Cheer

I Came across these little chenille Clauses and angels... Very victorian-esque. In case you get a hankering to make a few Santa's I threw in a sheet of vintage heads. Just right click, copy and print.




Wassail Recipes

A mulled cider type drink, Wassail is a holiday tradition in many countries. This hot, spiced punch is most popular at Christmas. It usually contains fruit juices, cinnamon, cloves and other spices. Click on the link to find a wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic wassail recipes. Tis the season.






Before and After

Playing in the vintage postcards again and found this little valentine paper doll. It reminded me of my granddaughter so I thought I would rework it.



Original vintage postcard



Little Miss Madee as a paper Doll

Interesting places on the Web

Found this handy information at Creative Curio I always wondered how to make things shine like gold when working digitally. It's a subtle effect, just a hint of shine. So simple yet so amazing. Who knew...



I'm loving this and just in time for christmas!

Pause for Thought

Wassailing...Ducks are involved

Until next time


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  1. I haven't read A Christmas Carol in a long time; guess I better fire up the e-reader and check out Project Gutenberg. Thanks for the reminder! Any idea who was singing the Wassail Song?