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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Work Search Wednesday Full of Rain



Fuchsia in the rain this morning...

Cottage Life

Well it's "work search" Wednesday again. The usual suspects are here, but I decided to take a look and see what's really out there in the wide  world of career-dom.

The following job descriptions are courtesy of "jobprofiles.org"

Odor Tester

This one is pretty odd, but some chemist has to make sure that all of those deodorants and anti-perspirants are operating properly to keep their users free of funk

Hair Boiler

This lucky soul gets to boil various kinds of animal hair until it curls for later use. We know that burning hair smells terrible; try to imagine catching the aroma of hair boil soup all day, no thanks.

Citrus Fruit Dyer

Have you ever passed by the lemons at the supermarket and though to yourself, damn that's some good looking citrus! Well it might be because there commercial farmers out there who dye the fruit a more vibrant color to hide the ripeness of the fruit.

Cheese Sprayer

Don't worry; I am not talking about someone spraying chemicals on your cheese. This person is actually in charge of spraying either cheese or butter on popcorn. Yet another job that most people might have guessed was done by a machine, but how else would you engineer that perfect, hand crafted cheese coating on every kernel?

Cow Hoof Trimmer

Just like horseshoes, cows need some hoof maintenance too. These fine animals can have poor milk production, lameness, and decreased fertility if not properly groomed. Try to imagine giving a cow a pedicure.


And then there was this job that seemed to be right up my alley...

Weed Farmers

They actually grow weeds rather than trying to get rid of them. They sell them to horticulture schools and labs so various people can do research and studies in the wonderful world of weeds.


Before and After

If you've been paying attention you know that I tend to take photos of things that would never really occur to anyone else to photograph. Here is yet another example of the same.

This was taken at an old shipyard in Astoria. We got a chance to walk around the yard and drink in the atmosphere. I loved it. The sights and smells of diesel soaked wood and metal lathe shavings everywhere reminded me of my grandfather's machine shop in Clearwater, when I was young. It's raining today so I thought the rain gear as a subject appropriate.


I love the colors and textures of ordinary things.


The original photo


I like to hang "art" more than photographs so I watercolored this one. I cropped it just a bit to straighten it a little. I then ran it through a Topaz filter to simplify, into photoshop to "paint" it. And there you are.



Here's a little closeup to demonstrate the detail.


Close up of watercolor detail

Healthy Choices


As you may have noticed, we tend to eat the same things over and over. It's easier this way. This obviously isn't intended to be an inspiring menu just a way to keep me accountable.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Hmmm. I seem to be enjoying the rain more now that I'm not working in it... Funny how that works

Until next time...


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