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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tailspin


Looking out off the deck



Cottage Life

It's been a fairly quiet day here at the cottage. I was gone all day yesterday so I was determined to stay at home today. I have several Graphic projects I'm working on, a couple of which have kept me quite busy for most of the day. It's amazing how fast time flies when you are immersed in doing something you love.

I did stop to run outside and take a few real time photos. I'm trying to vary the shots but until all of these leaves fall my view remains pretty constant. It was actually pretty warm, around 54 degrees. I haven't changed out the hanging fuchsia baskets because they are still holding on and it just seems wrong to tear them out prematurely.

Porch fushia

The fuchsia on the porch still hanging on

I'm experiencing guilty "hanging around the house all day" emotions. I'm hoping it will get easier with time. It seems I've always had a hard time with relaxing. Oh I can sit and do nothing for a bit but the resulting "shame on me" conversation in my head renders it moot. The result of all this angst is that nothing has gotten done and I've not gained the sought after "restful leisure" either. I guess I'm not the only one.

I love this quote...

“If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.” - Lin Yutang

Check out this helpful blogpost for those of us who need to learn how to relax. This blogger seems to have a lot of useful life skill hints and tips.

Leaves on the cahir

Fall leaves relaxing in my chair...

Before and After

One of the projects I'm working on involves taking cartoons and overlaying them onto real life sets. This will be for a young friend's project so I thought I'd share some of the process.


Here's the character Boo from Olaf and Lena Landstrom's Boo and Baa series. We want Boo and Baa to have our own adventures. Hmmm. Let's say a day at the Beach. Cannon Beach to be exact. Flying a Kite perhaps...

Boo before

Boo was scanned, traced, and pants colored.

IMG 1510

A crooked shot of Cannon Beach...

This is the shot straight (or not so straight) out of the camera. Now we could leave this as is but in this instance we are going to make it into an illustration. We will want to have Boo flying a kite so that will mean we need to reposition his arms, which if you are a sheep are really your front legs. That, we will be able to do really simply with "puppet warp" a nifty photoshop cs5 tool.


Boo at the beach

What a hoot... A favorite storybook character can have new adventures. Just think of the possibilities.

Healthy Choices

The Bearded One has foolishly set a generous bowl of red seedless grapes in front of me. I have foolishly devoured most of them. They are truly amazing little juicy orbs of flavor. So far, so good, for the rest of today.

IMG 5893

Going, going, gone.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Another of my favorites by Shel Silverstein...



Until next time...

Happy Movember!!!   :-#)


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