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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday's Post Time Delayed

11 20

Snow covered ferns along the Driveway this morning



Late posting... Internet problems, comes with living in the woods.

Cottage Life

This has been a very busy day. I made the trip to Bellingham and back with my youngest son and two of the grandkids. I left home at 7:00 this morning and it's now after 11:00 as I am trying to get this post out while it's technically still today. Was able to visit with the youngest of my litter, Annie who is studying graphic arts through Full Sail University. I am jealous. I always wanted to study art and it never worked out. When I first attended Oregon College of Education as a freshman I wanted to get into some art classes. Because my last name was Scutvick starting with the letter "S" I was at the end of the enrollment roster. All the freshman art classes were full. I was told however that I might be able to get into a class that was normally only offered to higher classes. I would have to get permission from the professor. Whoopee!! thought I until I learned that it was a "life" drawing class. I had just turned 18. It was 1972. I was from Quinault for Pete's sake. When I realized that "Life drawing" meant that I would have to be staring at naked bits and then drawing those same bits for all to see, I decided to pass up the opportunity. That was the end of my art major ambitions.

Before and After

As I mentioned earlier I was in Bellingham at my daughter's so she has unknowingly gotten roped into being my project. P.S note the skull and cross bones motif. It goes with her "day of the dead" and "zombie geisha" tattoos. I'm her mother. Never saw that coming...


IMG 6792

Annie straight out of the camera



A little crop and some brightening to bring out her eyes

Below is the same photo done with a number of different color processes. It's like developing film "digitally"



Healthy Choices

Hmmm. traveling, kids.... Use your imagination.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

This one's for you Annie.


Until next time...


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