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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back Home Saturday

11 5Another cloudy day in November...


Cottage Life

I am back home in the cottage now that mom, dad, and baby Milo have come back from the hospital. Had a great time with the little yahoos but am now sitting in my chair, basking in the quiet that comes with living in the woods with no TV. The "Bearded One" has taken up with "Wild Women" whilst I was away, and seems to be quite captivated.


That's what I get for leaving him alone in the woods for a couple of days. My mama taught me better. This book is actually quite good and the collection of photos are amazing and fun to look at. Especially if you are like me and from the Olympic Peninsula.

So I am back home and I resume my "hiatus of non workus". I will be applying for three jobs a week as the rules of unemployment dictate, but have every intention of going back to my regular job in the spring. I've have really been blessed to have such great employers and scanning the help wanted ads just goes to reinforce that opinion. But I digress... I am realizing that not working actually involves a lot of time and effort. You have to think about what you are going to do and when, instead of just putting it in gear and going about your daily business. Before, I would get up at 4:45 in the morning leave the house by 5:30 on gym day or 6:00 if not, do my job, stop at the store on the way home, have dinner, etc... Now I need to figure out a routine so that I don't feel guilty for slacking off, schlepping around in my jams all morning which I tend to do a lot when I'm at home here in the woods. After all it's not as though a lot of people "drop by". Tomorrow, will have a ray of sunshine because it will be "fall back" time.  I will now be able to sleep in guilt free since the old 7:00 will be the new 6:00. Thank You, Mr. Ben Franklin.

Before and After

Just when you thought you'd seen the last of the baby. I thought I would try and make a birth announcement that could be printed at any photo kiosk at very little cost. The final result would be a shiny 4x6 color photo. They could be gotten from as little as 30 cents to 63 cents per card. Pop 'em in an envelope and send them off.


You will notice that I have brazenly added yet another "milo" picture that has nothing to do with the finished project






Healthy Choices

Okay so we stopped at the very "Healthy Diner" at the Maytown exit on the way home. Patty melt....Enough said.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought



Until next time...






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