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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday and Milo Arrives!!



11 3

Keeping track of the season by posting daily pictures

Cottage Life

I thought that I would start recording the seasonal changes here on the bay. My intention is to take and post a new picture everyday so that I can watch the weather patterns as the days pass. They won't always be of the same view but pretty close to it. This one was fun because of the contrast of the maple leaves against the conifers.

We are at the moment of my writing, waiting for little (or not so little) baby Milo to make his debut. The Bearded one and I will be sitting with big sister and brother while mom and dad go through the process of evicting the little one from his current digs. Hopefully things will go quickly and smoothly and I will have news to share before I post this evening.

The Bearded One and I enjoyed a couple of movies with the kids. First up was "The grinch that stole Christmas" always a holiday classic.


And second up was "Monster House"


Here are the avid movie watchers... transfixed on the "scary monster house"

Movie watchers

Well it's now a little later and Milo has indeed arrived safe and sound and weighs in at nine pounds, six ounces. Hooray!!!

Before and After

This photo was taken on this morning's walk. It was a little dreary.



IMG 5565 4

Watering can straight out of the camera


A couple of different ways


A little boost with a grungy border


More of a silk screen look

Healthy Choices

Did pretty well today until I ate Lasagna with the kids... couldn't help myself it was divine.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Maybe Baby... a catchy tune with the word baby in it. What more could I ask for?


A great day with a great outcome.

Until next time...




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  1. Ha - the movie watchers, what a great collage! The first edited photo of the watering can is amazing; I love how dimensional it becomes. Glad you enjoyed Roger's lasagna, I'll tell him what you said. :-)