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Friday, November 11, 2011

Fundamentally Friday...


This morning's view from the cabin window

Cottage Life

I love life here in the little cottage in the woods. I am thoroughly enjoying my time of "non-workus-temporarily-unemployedness", especially on a blustery day like this one. It's odd. I've worked out in this kind of weather continually for the last 25 years or so and never really thought anything of it. A week or two indoors and I'm already becoming a "pansy" weather wise. Who'd of thunk it? So here's to all of you who will be out there without me... I will keep the home fires burning, the coffee on, and the slippers handy.

I received this very cute card in the mail today. How clever is this? I can envision little Christmas stockings, or baby bootees, or winter scarves. What a fun project that would be.



Before and After

I went into the cabin this morning to take the daily shot above and was inspired by the reflection of the cabin's interior in an old mirror hanging on the wall. I had an idea...


IMG 6240

Straight out of the camera

It was quite dark in the cabin and I try to shoot with available light at a high ISO, which tends to be a bit grainy...(can hardly wait till I get my next camera which will solve this). The first thing I  did was to boost the image.

11 b 1

Image with a little "boost"

As you can see this helped the image a lot right off the bat...


Here are two different takes on the same picture... The first is a leftover from yesterday's vintage obsession


Vintage all the way

This next one is in the same vein but a little more subtle and "Artsy"


A little color brought back into the reflection

Healthy Choices

Today my good friend SW aka "Dainty Feet" gave me a copy of the "Blood Type O" food guide. This is from "Eat Right 4 Your Type" a book that makes a lot of sense.  I am already very aware of how certain foods affect me, so onward I go... book in hand. It's just a matter of tweaking what I'm already attempting to do, while giving me the reasons behind the doing. Tonight we're having tilapia again with brussels sprouts and sweet potato for me lil' white potatoes for the Bearded One.

Thanks Friend... I will be diligent. Besides There's no way I'm gonna let you get all "svelte" without me.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

A big thank you to those that serve and have served...



Until next time...




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