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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wonky Wednesday


The Hydrangea after yet another rainy night

Cottage Life

I've been busy today. Working on a top secret project. Absolutely loving the process. Also trying to work on my "French" beret. I originally wanted black cashmere because that's what I saw the pattern made up in. I went to our local yarn shop and found one skein of a cashmere, angora, silk blend in black. I was hopeful and I paid a fortune for it. The yarn is just too fine for what I'm doing. I frogged it (took it out) and then began to work up the pattern in some sock yarn that I had hanging around. It's actually working up pretty well. I am almost done but needed to put it down to work on "the project" and then to put out this post. Can we say "Oui Oui" I am after all married to a frenchman, somewhat far removed.

IMG 6885

The Beret' in progress

This year Thanksgiving will be spent in Snohomish. The torch has been passed and now the eldest daughter gets to be the "Queen of the Carcass". I always loved cooking the feast. It was having to do something with the carcass that was worrisome. I could never just toss it out. I had to pick it clean, and then boil the bones to make the "Soup stock". Now turkey sandwiches I love. Turkey enchiladas, wonderful. Turkey pot pie I can do, but by the time it gets to the inevitable turkey noodle soup, I'm done. I don't care how good the homemade lumpy noodles are. Can't do it.

Before and After

I thought since I'm heading to Snohomish tomorrow that I would use a photo that I took there. I love old buildings and Snohomish has a lot of great ones.


Here's the original shot complete with wires running right across the front. a little crooked and a little dull. It was taken midday which is a lousy time to shoot because colors tend to wash out.



The before... washed out and tired



I zipped it up a bit, removed the wire, cropped it to remove the vent and straightened it just a tad.

Healthy Choices

Stew in the pot today. Yummy, healthy, good for what ails you, and paid way too much for the beef, stew.

Hmmm... Pause for Thought

So thankful to have Kendal and Jaylee home and healthy this Holiday. It was pretty scary there for a while...


Kendal in the Hospital, Back home, and little Jaylee



Until next time...

My sister Sandy's favorite "sing to the grandkids" song. Sing to anyone song, really. This one's for you Sis!

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