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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Talkin' Turkey

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Todays View through a vintage bird cage



Cottage Life

The Holidays are approaching.  It dawns on me that I need to start working up a little "Happy Holiday" cheer... Thanksgiving begins the count down. I thought I'd look into my bag of tricks and begin celebrating all things Poultry. Namely Turkey.


Come this time of year most of us have encountered this popular art form and have displayed it proudly on our refrigerator doors. A modern day petroglyph of sorts.


Turkeys were a valuable resource for the Ancestral Pueblo people for their feathers and their meat.

This petroglyph at Long House indicates their value. NPS photo by Sally King.

I Stumbled upon this stuffed turkey made of paper bags and popcorn. I can't decide whether it's really genius or really lame. I've included the link just in case you get a hankerin'

Posted by lizstan on November 3rd, 2010 at 10:33 am

I must confess that as I sat down this evening to do the before and after, I may have been just a tad impaired by the half glass of Efeste Eleni that I'd poured for dinner. However looking at my glass I see that most of what I poured is still there. So apparently there are no excuses for the lack of taste and judgment that tonight's project brings.


My sister Sandy's Holiday turkeys. Alas as fate would have it, they are no longer roaming free and fashionable. They will be making their next debut as the centerpieces of the Blake's family feasting table.

IMG 5975 2

Sandy's free range turkeys



The finished "Masterpiece"

Ahem...What can I say. I spent way too much time on this...

Healthy Choices

Did okay, I even went to town and did some grocery shopping. That's where the latte fit in...


Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Speaking of Turkey...



Until next time...


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