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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Work Search Wednesday



11 9

The weather out the Cottage window this morning


This post is much earlier than usual. I will be galavanting about today and so needed to "get 'er done"

Cottage Life

Today is work search Wednesday. This is when I fulfill  my temporary unemployment obligation. Having to revamp my resume has been somewhat of a pain. The older I get, the more dates, beginning and ending I have to try and remember. I have a job. It's a good one. I've not been "resume building" looking to better my situation, so these facts and figures are not readily available. I will fill out the applications as best as I can relying on best-guess estimate.

The job opportunities availing themselves to me this morning. Within a forty mile radius...

Naughty chocolatier, or I should say a maker of naughty chocolates, on Haristine Island. 9.00-12.00 per hour Monday- Friday.To be honest, I don't really think casting naughty bits into chocolate treats is a good fit for me.


HIRING Wine Consultant with Wine Shop at Home. Part Time or Full Time Job Description: In Home Wine Tastings, Selling Wine Club Memberships, Personalized Wines, and Gift Baskets! We are looking for motivated individuals that have an entrepreneurial attitude. There is no cap on how much money you can make - 100% commission based. If you want to make some extra spending money or if you want to turn it into a full time career.....the option is yours!! If you are looking to work out of your home and have as much flexibility as you want....this is the position for you! Now this is something I could really get into... However It would probably be more tasting then selling.

JOB POSTING: WA ST Senate Video Department
Videographer/Editor -- Temporary position for the 2012 Legislative Session ( Jan.3 -- March 10th).
Must have demonstrated skills editing on a PowerMAC with Final Cut Pro,
Photoshop, Motion, LiveType, and Compressor.
Must have demonstrated skills as a videographer. Okay so this could be a problem... no experience, but interesting none the less.
Hours are 7:30am -- 5 Pm Monday through Friday and some weekends.
Pay range $2,400 - $2,800 per month. No benefits.

Personalizing Christmas Ornaments

The PolarX ornament kiosk at Capital Mall in Olympia, WA is hiring! We are seeking dedicated, hard working sales associates who are friendly, easy going and have flexible schedules. Should have a lively personality and be able to meet and greet customers with no problem. Should have great hand writing, as it is needed to write on ornaments. Applicants should have register experience and reliable transportation. This position is available to start within the next week. We are a flexible company to work with! Ahhh, an artsy job. This one has my name on it... Get it? My name on it?


I think this may be a very long Three months...

Before and After

This leaf on the cabin chimney caught my eye as I was looking for a daily weather shot this morning. Straight out of camera was okay. The ornate chimney cap was on the "rule of thirds" line, but my interest was in the leaf.


IMG 5918

The cabin chimney cap

Next I thought I would do a black and white with just the leaf color coming through...


Phase two

This was a step in the right direction but focal point was now dead center of the photo. Unfortunately, not the best design composition.



The Composition after

So here I've sacrificed some of the chimney cap detail to focus on the leaf. It's all a matter of personal preference really. I will get a good Chimney Cap shot when the leaf blows away. lol

Healthy Choices

My day is just beginning so hard to tell how I'll do. I'm heading for SideHill Farm to visit my sister and then on to Rochester to see the grand baby.I will try to be good... however I hear sidehill farm may have some fresh cinnamon rolls lurking about.


Hmmm... Pause for Thought

Speaking of Sugar...

Until next time...


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  1. Phew, glad to hear you're not seriously considering the choclatier job. I'd hate to think we were in competition for the same position! ;-)